Thursday, 28 October 2010

Colander Heid

Never mind having a brain like a sieve, today I have surpassed myself in terms of forgetting important things!!  My brain has holes in it the size of a colander - it's normal to forget stuff like updating my blog or not having enough time to get everything done that I need/want to get done but today I've stunned myself at my stupidity.  Things have been a wee bit hetic lately - constantly feel like I'm rushed in everything that I do and a lot of stuff isn't getting done (like housework), work is mad, 5 hrs a day is nowhere near enough time to get everything done that needs to be done!  So it's fair to say that I'm not really on top of my game either at home or at work.

And today has been an example of how off my game I have been lately - our spacebus needs new road tax Monday so I started a mental list of what I need to get together to buy it.  Number one on the list was MOT ..... now when does the MOT run out I ask myself?  So we looked it out ........ it RAN out, as is EXPIRED on 5th October!!!!!!!  So for 22 days we have been totally oblivous to the fact that we have been driving about illegally.  How did I miss that for goodness sake?  I've never missed an MOT before, in 15 years of owning cars I've never forgetten!?!?!  However, somebody was looking out for me, cos when I phone the garage I've managed to get it booked in for 10am tomorrow.

On that subject I've got a plan, nearly underway, to try and be more effective at stuff.  From Monday I'm trialling a change of work pattern where I'll work 9-5 Monday to Wednesday and 9-12.30 on a Thursday.  We are going to trial it throughout November so see if will work out for both the work and for me.  So I'm very happy to say that tomorrow could very well be my last Friday at work for a while :)

On a more positive note I did finish something - yay! My friend's daughter finally had her baby - 13 days after her due date! So there is a new little baby boy in the world and he is the proud (well hopefully) owner of this

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