Friday, 11 March 2011


I remembered to take pictures of my fan-tab-u-lous new mug rugs.  It's only taken me just over a week but I did remember. 

I absolutely LOVE the quilting on this one, all around the flowes and butterfly.  It's so pretty.

It's been a hetic week what with work and stuff so I haven't had time to look at my log cabin quilt.  It won't take long to finish it off but I haven't found a thread I like enough to quilt with.  Everything I've seen just hasn't been the right colour.  Need to look again at the weekend.

But today we're shooting off to Glasgow for a night out (weeeeee!!!!).  The Levellers supported by The Wonder Stuff, quite possibly one of the best line up's I could ever have dreamed of.  It will be a night of much dancing and signing and I cannot wait.  And the icing on the cake - we're staying over in Glasgow, it's like a wee mini break.  The dude is going to stay with Granda and Granny tonight, which I think they are looking forward too, he hasn't really figured out what is going on yet!

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