Sunday, 13 March 2011

Technical Issues!

I have been ever so slightly stoopid!!!  I was doing a little surfing last night, just faffing about with blogger and stuff, changing settings and things when I discovered I had comments!  6 of them, which needed to be moderated before being published.  I had no idea.  Still not sure how I missed them but I've found them and sorted it all out.  (well I think I have ;o)

I've also been having issues with my mobile phone.  Since Friday morning the screen has been really tempremental, going black, rolling round like old style tube televisions used to.  Not at all helpful when your phone is a touch-screen phone!!  So a short (& if truth be told, fairly unhelpful) phone call to O2 yesterday led to me taking it into my nearest O2 shop and it's being sent away to be fixed.  But they did give me a courtesy phone.  Gadget girl is not happy!  The thing I've been given is practically a mobile phone antique and having plugged it in to charge up just after lunch, as I was advised to, I can't even get the thing to switch on - it's now 9.30pm.  It's been on charge for 8.5 hours, so either it needs a year and a day to charge up as it's so old or I've been given a duff temporary phone.

I'm having withdrawal symptoms from my phone LOL  (shakes head)  I'm so sad!!!!!!

I found this little list of headings from this blog that I read every now and then, and I thought I'd play along too. Good way of recording thoughts/feelings at a specific point in time without too much effort!

listening - to the dude sleeping on the baby monitor
eating - just finished a couple of little pancakes (v nice too)
drinking - tea
wearing - red top and black jeans
feeling - tired and a bit uptight (typical Sunday night feeling)
weather - wet (but no snow)
wanting - to chill out a bit
needing - to go to bed
thinking - there is a lot of craziness going on with the planet right now, earthquakes, tsunamis. You can't mess with the power of nature.
wondering - whether to catch up on some more sky+ or have an early night

So as not to make this post feel naked, here is a shot of the dude taken last week when we were waiting for my sister and nephew. He was colouring in his mini aquadraw to find the "goo-goo's", those are trains to the rest of us.

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Karen said...

I'm glad you like the Mug Rug's. It was a hard keeping that secret for so long! I am following your blog from mine. You make wonderful quilts.

It looks like the Hobbycraft & Creative Stitches exhibition in Glasgow was a lot of fun. The display for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was amazing. I wouldn't have the patience to make hardly any of those items - to much work.

I love your little guys name for trains.

Have a great week!