Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Levelling Stuff

Last Friday night Pedro and me had a very rare night out together.  I mentioned it on the quick post I did last Friday.  We went off to Glasgow to possibly my favourite venue of all time, Glasgow Barrowlands, to see 2 of the best bands I've seen live (well in my opinion!)  The Wonder Stuff and The Levellers - for those unaware of them they do a mix of punky/pop-y/folk-y both different but similar at the same time. 

(it's a rubbish photo but hey - it's a photo!)

I had a great time - dancing (mainly just by myself!) and singing (along with the rest of the audience).  It was an amazing night, we expected it to be a good night but it totally exceeded our expectations.  To top it off we were staying over so we drove through late afternoon and managed to go out for dinner before heading off to the gig.  We discovered a fantastic bar/restaurant called Maggie May's it was really nice, great choice of music playing, AMAZING food, busy but not 'squish past people to get to the bar' busy.  We even stopped off for a little tipple on the way back to the hotel.  Will definitely be visiting that place again next time we're out in Glasgow (if it's still open in 5 years or so LOL!)

listening/watching - to the news (there's not a lot of good news about these days)
eating - nothing just now, trying not to snack too much
drinking - just had a mug of tea (my fave drink of the moment)

wearing - brown flowery top and black trousers (work clothes)
feeling - tired and cold
weather - wet - again!
wanting - to sleep
needing - to sleep!
thinking - please let the dude sleep through again tonight, not been a good week but fingers crossed the 1am waking, wanting to play has stopped
wondering - what will tomorrow bring?

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ButtonMad said...

wow thats a great photo even if just a snap. super. cheers