Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Achievement & Aspirations

Woo hoo!!!!!! My Freedom: Blog prompt 8. (you know what that means! - yup, I'm up to date!!!!!)

Today we were asked to list our achievements in life from birth to July, 08 and then make a list of aspiration from now until ........... well until eternity I suppose!

So I'll start with one of my achievements so far. I am a graduate! I didn't go to university straight after school. I left school in June 1992 and within 2 weeks I started working and I've worked ever since. Which I suppose is another achievement really, I've never been out of work! But anyway I was an 'average' student, never excelled in anything but never failed anything either! So a few years after I started working I did an HNC in Business Admin which I enjoyed but never took it any further. Then in 2002 I decided to do an HNC in Housing as it was related to my job, I enjoyed that and it lead onto doing a Postgraduate Dipolma in Housing at Stirling University. It was hard work, studing and working full time, but I completed it and really enjoyed it. So I graduated in June 2006 with my hubby and dad watching me :)

What do I aspire to do next? There are lots of things I want to achieve from now on. But one thing I really want to do is to be more creative, without feeling intimidated by it. I love making things and want to do more! This is a little taster of what I've done before I'm pretty pleased with it.

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