Saturday, 26 July 2008

Playing catch up

Yup that's what I'm doing. Got to get up to date with Shimelle's My Freedom blog prompts, never mind the fact that I haven't done any of the layouts yet!?!?! But I will.

So firstly need to set myself a word count - hmmm, how about 300. Sounds ok.

Secondly, this week has been about exploring/documenting our serious and not so serious sides. So my favourite game as a child? Connect 4, you know getting 4 of the same coloured counters in a row to win. I LOVED it, was really good at it too! Other than that it was rollerskating, I had two fab pairs! First one were leather - red, white and blue with a red stopper and second pair were suede - red, blue and yellow, think the stopper was blue. Really preferred the first pair, they were great.

Back to serious stuff now - my first job. Had a short lived Saturday job at Alloa Library during the summer holidays in 1991. Worked on the main desk, stamped peoples books, returned read books and put them back on the shelves. Only did it for about 4 weeks and it was only for 4 hours on a Saturday morning but I loved it. So much so that when I left school the following year and got a YTS job I ended up being placed in the library which was great.

And lastly what would I like to pass on from my youth to today's younger generation? Enjoy being at school, everyone always says 'school years are the worst of your life' - rubbish. I loved school, I'm still friends with the people I was friends with at school, I was lucky that I had good teachers so I enjoyed the majority of my classes. I didn't want to leave :( Going out into the big bad world was scary. The safety net of school was fine with me. So I would pass on enjoy what you do at the time you do it, and don't try to grow up too quickly, there is plenty time for that.

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