Tuesday, 8 July 2008

And relax ...........................

Finally I'm on holiday. After what seems like a billion years, the huge piece of work I was involved in is done and I'm off. Feels weird doing nothing, and not feeling guilty about it :)

Starting to catch up all the crafty things I need to do. Spent 25th taking photos to record my day, just need to get them printed! Made the book for them to go into, and it looks pretty good too, even if I do say so myself. Got a few other projects I need to get up to date with. But I've got the time so no pressure.

Going shopping today to the Swedish wonderland of Ikea!!!! New furniture will soon be sitting in our livingroom, yay! Our deads sofas will soon be gone :) It'll be like having a new room. Wonder what other little goodies will end up in my bag :)

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