Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A little of the same, a little change

My Freedom blog prompt 6: Share an old photo and a new photo of yourself. Then share a little something which has changed and a little something which has stayed the same.

Old photo :

New photo:

What has changed between these two photos? Well I'm about 15 years old in the second one. I've lost a parent, I've changed jobs and now have quite a lot of responsibility so can't be quite as carefree as I once was.

What has stayed the same? I don't look THAT much older, my hair is roughly the same strangely. I still have the same friends as I did when this picture was taken, I still work for the same employer, although in a different job than I did then.

So on one hand lots of things have changed but on the other, everything is pretty much still the same!

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