Thursday, 17 July 2008

Inspiring Quirks

Again more from Shimelle's My Freedom class today's prompt is ............

'The things that inspire us are often linked to what we label as quirks in our
personalities: things we like that others seem to dismiss. What quirk could you share with your blog readers to see if they really dismiss this or if it’s something you have in common?'

So what quirks do I have?!?! Some people might say quite a lot, some people might say none! What do I say????

Well, I suppose I have many, the fact that I have 2 names is a bit of quirk! And I don't just mean that my first name is double barrelled LOL It's kinda like having 2 personalities - serious side of me, for work, etc is Elizabeth-Anne. She is very organised, is a bit uptight and anal, takes work very seriously and is very committed. The other side is Biff - she is the 'real' me I suppose, I've been called Biff since I was about 6 months old by ALL my family and it's what my friends know me as. She's more laid back, is messy, doesn't take things too serious, is a little bit creative.

In a way having 'two' personalities is quite a good outlet and is inspiring because I'm not pigeon-holed into one type of person!

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