Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Yesterday was a crazy mad day. Baby stuff shopping in Glasgow with my 6 month pregnant sister, getting lost on the way home trying to find Hobbycraft, visiting the grandparents and then quickly home, auntie in to babysit for a short time while I left to go to an evening meeting for work. Home at 10pm and baby still awake.

So today was a day for chillaxing (I hate that word btw, but it is quite funny). The wee man took some time out to chillax with his homies; Winnie the Pooh, Shaun the Sheep and Doofus the Coo (who is actually a hippo - long story).

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Lynz said...

And while that is all really cool and groovy, we all want to know about Doofus the Coo/Hippo! Bizarrely, Holly had a Cow called Doofus!!

Oh, god, it wasn't drunken naming involving my spouse, was it?