Sunday, 20 September 2009


Wow it's been 10 days since I last blogged anything!! Bad blogger :( Boo hiss!!!!

Anyhoo in the last 10 days I have finally finished Euan's funky quilt

It's far from perfect but that's what makes it perfect, if you know what I mean. Who is really going to look THAT closely? The binding was a bit of a nightmare and took ages but it's done and it's been christened and is now being washed!

The wee man has come on in leaps and bound in the last week. He has discovered he can roll onto his left hand side so now instead of sleeping in his cot like this

We have been finding him in the morning like this

He has also discovered his voice this week and has been making a whole range of noises, most of which are hilarious and are accompanied with a special face!

Life is good and I'm not needed for jury service tomorrow, maybe the day after but not tomorrow!

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Lynz said...

Ohmygod, he's just adorable!! Your quilt looks fantastic, too (clever Mummy!)