Wednesday, 2 September 2009


The dreaded lurgy has reached our house :( The husband has it and managed to pass it on to the wee man! So we've had an unhappy baby with a snuffly nose and a cough all day.

But that aside I've still managed to get quite alot done today, or since last night any way. I've started my quilt top and I'm pretty pleased with what it looks like so far. Slightly changed from the one it's based on as the patterns seemed a bit too fussy right next to one another so that is why I'm using the blue sashing between the blocks. Haven't decided whether or not I will put a border round it yet but there is plenty time.

The Learn Something New prompt today was to think about what you can learn from your home/about yourself, etc. My lesson from today is that I feel better if I can get outside at least once a day, even if I only hang the washing out.

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Lynz said...

Oooh, lovin' those colours!! This will look brilliant when it's finished, you've got it done fast!!