Monday, 21 September 2009

Econo Gastrono Dream

In a vain attempt to be an organised supermum *tounge firmly planted in cheek* for the last two weeks we have been tryng the 'economy gastronomy' principal of planning evening meals for an entire weeks, creating a shopping list and sticking to it. I've never really been one for planning my meals, always thinking 'what if I decide that by Thursday I don't want what I've planned for dinner?' but I'm giving it a go and it's been really good. We've stuck to it, I don't have to start thinking about what to make at 8pm every night (that's when I get an opportunity to prepare out meal, after wee man is in bed and just before Pedro gets home about 9pm). I'm actually enjoying cooking and eating again! And our supermarket shopping bill has reduced too which is a pleasant bonus.

The dreamy part refer to my recent attempts at dreamfeeding the wee man. He WAS sleeping through 8-7 from about 8 weeks until almost 3 weeks ago when he caught the cold. Ever since then he has been waking up anywhere from 1am to 5am. So at the weekend I decided to try giving him a dream feed. He never did take a lot of his bedtime feed, maybe 3-4oz, instead of the 7 he will take during the day but recently at bedtime he has only been taking 0.5/1oz and then waking up during the night hungry. The last 2 nights I've given him a feed at 10.30pm, he barely stirs, pop the bottle in, 7oz gone and back into his cot within 30mins. He's slept through til 7.30am both mornings. Yeehaw!!! Could be a fluke and I'm getting too overexcited about it but let's hope it continues :)

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