Sunday, 6 September 2009

Slow down!!!!

Wee man is not quite 15 weeks old but he is growing so fast! Slow down boy!!!!! I've spent half of today sorting out his clothes and putting away the ones which no longer fit. There was a lot - they filled his moses basket, which he outgrew weeks ago :( I did have a little tear in my eye looking at the tiny sleepsuits he worn while we were in hospital and they were slightly too big, now they just look so small.

But he really is quite clever .........

His quilt is coming along great, I've given it a blue border. Hunted out my wadding and now I just need to decide what to do for the backing. Got a few ideas but need to make sure I've got enough fabric.

I've learned 2 things today. Firstly, turn the TV off during the day, wee man is spending far too much time staring at it and he is so much more responsive to us and interested in his toys when it's off. Secondly, people don't always act how you expect them to, not matter how well you think you know someone.

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