Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Now, I came to the conclusion a little while ago that my brain can only hold a certain amount of information............Seriously, I reckon that once a learn something new, something else that I don't need falls out of my brain to make space for the new stuff!

Recently this has been proved by various conversations between me and pedro, I've forgotten dozens of bands we've been to see over the years, people we've met, places we've been. It's ridiculous!!!! I used to be really good at remembering everything but now ........... well I'm just useless. But one thing I tend not to forget is films, them or TV stuff. I can tell if I've aldready seen an episode of CSI within the first 30 seconds and then tell you what happens!

But Sunday night we settled down to watch a dvd, 'The Departed', sounds really good ... Matt Damon, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholson, Alex Baldwin, Martin Sheen. Had recommendations from friends, the lot. So we put it on, couple of minutes in I thought ......... 'this bit here seems familiar' but then decided that maybe we'd hired it in the past and I fell asleep (cos that's NEVER happened before!?!), watched a little bit more and didn't really remember anything else until about 30 minutes from the end I recognised another bit, still couldn't remember the end though. So kept watching, right to the end, kinda remembering bits but not really and it turns out that we have seen the film before but had basically forgotten it! Weird, that has never happened before.

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