Tuesday, 1 January 2008

In with the new ....................

Well it is now 2008! There are so many things I am planning to do this year, including the 'It's a Creative World' A-Z Journal which starts on Saturday. I'm going to do it as an A-Z of 2008, just to take a note of things that I'm doing this year, what I'm watching, reading, etc, so I'm looking forward to that :)

I've got my bia gadget so I've got lots of ideas of things to make on that, I still haven't scrapped our Orlando holiday pictures so that needs to be done and everything else that I take pictures of this year. I also want to get to grips with my camera better! I've had it for about 18 months but I still haven't really figured out the best way to use it most of the time.

Okay dokey, need to go and start getting ready for our visitors!

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