Monday, 7 January 2008

Well back to reality!?!?!

It's the start of the first full working week in January and it was back to reality with a big, huge, massive bump today! Who organises a budget meeting for the first day back to work ............. me! What a numpty! I had so little enthuasism it was ridiculous. Never mind that is the first day back over and done with so the rest of the week shouldn't be too bad. And it's a pay week - woo hoo!

Eventually got around to doing some scrapping yesterday and produced this .........

This is the first layout I've done in ages and I managed to incorporate both our Doodlebug team challenge with a UKS weekly challenge, so I'm quite pleased with myself. I've even actually decided on my resolutions for this year. Don't normally bother but decided that I would give myself some in 2008 and I will stick to them!

Now all I need to do this week is my layout in the CJ I've got, which needs to be posted this Saturday, sort out my Journal for the 'It's a Creative World' A-Z Journal and do the layout for 'A'. Shouldn't really take too long, just need to stop procrastinating.

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